The workbook is the second book in the “Funny English with Ioanna Reeves” series. It was created by Ioanna Reeves specifically for preschoolers and will introduce your child to the continents of our planet, as well as  to the species of animals that live on them. The first skills in geography and the simple form of their presentation widely develop interest in natural science and improve logical thinking. Bright and natural illustrations develop fantasy and imagination, make it easier to memorize new words. The ability to write a new word right next to the illustration will improve visual memory and help consolidate knowledge of the letters of the English alphabet. The text contains rules for reading letter combinations found in words. They are highlighted in red. Invite your child to find the letter combination on their own and circle it with a pencil. The acrostic poem in the book can be a reason for composing joint riddles and puzzles.

ISBN 978-985-7220-93-9

The story “Quantum Gates. Mission to Mars”  is written in the genre of science fiction. The plot is based on events from the life of the author and her fellows. The main characters Stephen, Stella and John live in a three-dimensional reality of events that determine their fate in the mission of creating a world of the 5th dimension.


The publication  also includes other works of  the author.

ISBN 978-985-7265-48


Interactive bilingual book of fairy tales. From the very first pages you will be immersed in magical stories, where  the heroes will tell you about their adventures and open the door to the world of Magic and Wizardry. .

“The  Tales of the Lost Forest” brought the author the title of laureate in the “Children Literature” category of the international competition “Open Eurasia” (London) and were highly appreciated at the international literary competition “Keepers of the Heritage in Action” (Israel ) in the category “For spiritual development and for service to domestic literature.” According to reviews from older readers, the philosophical message of fairy tales is well suited for an adult library.

ISBN 978-985-7220-70-0



The alphabet was created by the author especially for preschool children and will help your child to learn the letters of the English alphabet and develop his cognitive skills. The  geography elements will develop the method of broad thinking. The ability to right and draw  in the
book  develops fantasy and imagination, makes it easier to remember new words. Getting to know
berries and fruits helps to learn the names of  basic colors, learn the difference between fruits
and fruits (fruit). Repeating phrases and rhyming words, bright pictures with plots,
simple tasks turn learning into an exciting game.
ISBN 978-985-7220-63-2

  Fairy tales for smart children who want to become very brave and courageous when they grow up. The stories of fairy tale heroes and their adventures will bring the reader a sense of faith in  a good and eternal beginning.

  ISBN 978-985-7186-93-8