Object: historical and cultural value of category “2” “The building of the former synagogue: fresco composition, ornamental modeling, 1642″

The total estimated cost of the building reconstruction project is $ 1,500,000 -2,000,000

To draw up project documentation, it is necessary to perform preliminary work:

Composition of preliminary works on historical and cultural value –

Synagogue in Slonim

1. Technical report on the facility for 2022 2. Organization of the territory for

hydrogeological research, engineering research, soundings, burrowing, openings.

3.Performing research work on the territory of the facility.

4.Submission of the project documentation to the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus for further approval. 5.Expertise

The Saving Heritage Foundation  study shows that the site and the building itself, in the process of reconstruction and further use, can include eco-energy solutions for the use of clean natural resources. Along with Eco energy, the building restoration process has many other opportunities to develop the interest of the international community in the theme of “Synagogues of Europe”. The process of building reconstruction can give the necessary impetus to the development of the topic of preserving the historical and cultural heritage. Conducting cultural and educational events, which is also the goal of the Saving Heritage  Foundation, creates the basis for the development of the future capabilities of the synagogue and can attract the attention of business investors. The use of alternative energy sources can be a good advertisement for partners and at the same time an example for young people interested in realizing environmental problems in the context of heritage preservation.

In March 2021 the building was nominated to World Monument Fund  program describing the major challenges  and features of  the site.

The estimate documentation for the performance of general construction works can be found by contacting the Founder of the foundation ioannareeves.art

The lack of state support, along with the imposition of sanctions against Belarus by a number of countries and the events in Ukraine, limits the possibility of successfully implementing the building reconstruction project.